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Laird G. Sillimon

Laird's vision is Cultivating Apostolic Music for TODAY
Laird Sillimon was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.
For over 13 years he worked full-time in music ministry in Maryland.
In 2001 Laird and his family relocated to California where he currently is Associate Pastor and Music Department Chairman at Christian Life Center (Stockton, CA // N. Haney).

Laird is an accomplished songwriter he has seen his music recorded at Edwin & Walter Hawkins Music/Art Love Fellowship Conference, the Pentecostals of Alexandria, Passion in Praise Conference in Modesto, Preston Wood Baptist Church Sanctuary in Plano, TX, Mount Paran Church of God in Atlanta, GA and even his original home church, Apostolic Outreach Center in New Orleans.

He produced Stockton, California -CLC's most recent LIVE recorded projects;"He Shall" and "I Still Believe" including the project by his personal group, Covenant;  "The One God".   All of these projects have had the co-production  efforts of Grammy Award winning producer Kevin Bond.

Laird wants to see Apostolic Music in the MAIN STREAM, reaching people with the Gospel!  As a result of his worldwide vision.... Laird led the CLC Mass Choir,  October 2011, to "How Sweet The Sound" nationwide choir competition.  They received "First place" standing in California Regionals which catapolted them into the National competion division where they received the "Runner Up" award - including cash and prizes.

Lairds plans have now included returning to his home state (Louisiana) to share his vision, passion and ministry.  He and his family have joined the Pentecostals of Alexandria (A. Mangun) as of August 2013 - to further their ministry and follow God's plan for their lives.