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...As we both matured and as our ministries took different tracts, Pastor Sillimon and I maintained a special camaraderie beyond our Acts 29 days.  In services, we both seem to know what the other is thinking.  It is incredibly comforting to have such a godly man moving in tandem with the Spirit as we seek God's will in a church service.  Though our lives our both incredibly busy, I'm so thankful that God has allowed genuine friendship to flow between Pastor Sillimon and myself. 


Last but not least, I give great honor to Sis. Angie Sillimon.  She has proven to be a genuine Christian with pure motives.  Herself a woman of prayer, Sis. Sillimon has provided a great undergirding of strength for her entire
family, especially for her husband.  With a right spirit, she has conducted herself as a woman of virtue and integrity.  Whenever her family faced difficulty, I watched Sis. Sillimon turn to prayer for the answer.  She has
been faithful to her God, and I know her God will always remain faithful to her.

Regina and I count it a great honor to have had Laird and Angie as real friends.They are a priceless gift that can never be replaced. 

Eli Lopez & family.



Pastor and Sis. Sillimon,


 We are a better ministry for having served with you in leadership while sitting under your personal & Pastoral influence and training. 



  •      A greater spiritual awareness in the music department and in our personal lives.
  •      A heart full of love and appreciation to God for allowing us the past 12 years with you.
  •      A deeper desire to follow the intercessory prayer that you both have exemplified.
  •      A greater understanding of what it means to be a "servant" leader
  •      A department structure that serves the ministry at its highest efficiency.
  •      A genuine spirit of submission to those in authority. Staying humble in all situations.
  •      Recognizing spiritual challenges for what they are-praying through the "attack of the enemy".
  •      Genuine love and respect, for you, tucked deep into our children and grandchildren's hearts. 
  •      A greater desire for excellence - giving our best in worship.
  •      A large piece of your hearts - bonded with ours.

All of the above and much, much more...we will cherish for the rest of our lives.
We Love you !
Ralph and Joanne Gresham




...Bishop Kenneth Haney always said, "Bro Sillimon is an asset to our music department and the whole church!" He was very thankful for his walk with God! That is worth more than talent, but he has both!!

He has brought a spirit of Excellence to the CLC choir! Under his leadership they have become well-known for their powerful, anointed singing and worship! He has raised the bar high!

I've watched Bro. Sillimon prostrate on the floor praying, and his dear, sweet wife praying in the altars!!! They are godly, spiritual people who have influenced thousands to know Jesus better! They are respectful to authority, submissive to leadership, very responsible and Faithful!
...there is none better than Laird Sillimon!!!!!


Joy Haney



 ...You have taught me many things, simply by allowing me to be so close to you all. Of course, Bro Sillimon you have poured into me musically, spiritually, and professionally, which I am so grateful for - however I have learned a great deal through unspoken lessons (i.e. family matters, love, and care). Each of you have all played a critical role in my development as a young man.     Joshua Shalapsik